About Sarah Rosenthal, Life & Professional Coach at Sculpting My Life

I am certified as an integral coach through New Ventures West. I have many years' experience with learning and creativity that I draw on to support my clients with their personal and career goals:

  • As a project manager I've been privileged to work with brilliant thinkers to integrate educational technology with a powerful, research-based K–6 curriculum. Drawing on the work of visionary developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, this curriculum braids together academic and social-emotional development. It supports continuous professional learning by providing teachers with materials that engage and motivate students, develop critical thinkers, and promote reflection about learning and community.
  • As a writer focusing on avant-garde poetics I've published three books as well as numerous chapbooks, and have seen my work published widely in magazines and anthologies. I'm the recipient of the Leo Litwak Fiction Award and several grant-supported writing residencies. From 2009–2011, I was an Affiliate Artist at Headlands Center for the Arts. I've served on the California Book Awards poetry jury since 2012.
  • As a creative writing teacher at the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Santa Clara University, and California Poets in the Schools, and in private workshops and one-to-one consultations, I've helped thousands of people of all ages access their creativity and use it to shape vibrant art.
  • As a student of diverse art forms and somatic practices, I've studied theater, flute, figure drawing, dance, Tai Chi, yoga, Qi Gong, Focusing, TRE (trauma release exercise), and EFT (emotional freedom technique). I've created and performed solo and collaborative multimedia pieces incorporating various combinations of poetry, recorded and live voice, movement, still images, and film. I've practiced meditation for the past 20 years, and in 2015 did my first month-long silent meditation retreat.
  • As a breast cancer survivor I've been to hell and back.

You can read more about my background here and find links to some of my writing here.

Sarah Rosenthal, Life & Professional Coach at Sculpting My Life Certified Integral Coaching

My route is riddled with crystals.

               Edmund Jabès