As we move along life's arc, time starts to speed up. We don't have forever; we feel an urgency to give our best in the time we have. We want to sculpt the most meaningful life we can.

Yet we often feel mired in the challenge of just getting through the day. We find ourselves derailed by work stress, challenging relationships, difficult emotions, financial anxiety, family demands, lack of rest, an endless to-do list. We're pulled in too many directions. An illness, breakup, job loss can bring us to our knees. We begin to wonder if the optimism we had as children is valid. We begin to think maybe we're supposed to settle. Or maybe we began to think that a long time ago.

I'm against settling.

As a Life & Professional Coach, I work with clients to identify and clarify their vision for their life and work, and to chisel away internal and external blocks to its full expression. Attuning to each person's circumstances and personality, I create individualized coaching programs to help clients develop the habits and capacities they need to enact their goals. I work in person with San Francisco Bay Area residents and meet online or by phone with clients based outside the Bay Area.

Last night you said: / tomorrow / we must draw signs, / sketch a landscape, hatch a plot / on the unfolded page / of paper and the day. / Tomorrow we must invent, / anew, / the reality of this world.   Octavio Paz